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When Blaze launched its industrial sales division in 2015, we had the local engineering plastics market in our sights.

With 2 in house CNC routers, a fully equipped workshop and staff with unmatched machining and mechanical knowledge of the product, we have been moving forward in leaps and bounds in this exclusive industry.

Stocking up with some of the biggest brands outside of Europe, we now have complete stocks of sheets, rods and tubes - and the in house capabilities to machine them to fit your needs.

We are now the largest, locally owned stockist of engineering plastics in the Albury/Wodonga area, and with our machining capabilities, buying power and high standards of customer service, are now in the best position to service the larger region.

Whether you’re chasing a stick of Nylon rod, a unique sized cutting board, all the way to custom designed machine guards or conveyor profiles, you can rest assured that we will have your engineering plastic requirements covered

CNC Routing

We're committed to using the latest in modern precision machine technology.

We offer expanded design and production options on every project, and provide you the fastest feed rates and programming capabilities in the industry.

Our close tolerance routers have the capacity to machine large production runs, and large capacity tables allow us to easily run oversize sheets, maximising our cutting capability and decreasing production time.

Our routers are capable of working with ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel), Acrylics, Poly-carbonate, UHMWPE/HDPE, Nylons, Acetal, PVC, Timber, MDF, Laminex & much more.

Conveyor Components

Blaze Industrial are able to offer you a full range of individual conveyor components from some of the worlds leading brands.

With our CNC routing services machining a large amount of custom conveyor tracks & guides, it seemed only logical that we should be aiming to offer the complete package when it comes to modular conveyors & components.

Teaming up with Australian importers of the biggest names in the industry, the Blaze Industrial team are able to work with you to deliver both Elesa+Ganter and Marbett modular conveyor components.

Whether you’re chasing star knobs, adjustable feet, a full range of handles or levers, transfer rollers, clamps, wheels, tube inserts, cross clamps, indexing plungers or even the belt itself we can help you out.

Industrial Ducting

Blaze Industrial is able to offer very competitive pricing on all aspects of industrial ducting and extraction - both rigid and flexible modular duct systems.

Our duct is primarily used in large scale industrial ventilation applications like welding fume extraction, chemical fume extraction, dust collection systems, factory ventilation, and all manner of particle, fume, material and dust extraction systems. We are also able to offer the full range of Masterflex, the worlds leading manufacturer of flexible hose and ducting for a wide range of industrial applications.

With stocks of extruded, welded and mechanically locked duct systems in polyurethane, PVC, TPE and Silicone, as well as special flexible ducting fabrics used in a variety of industries such as woodworking, plastics, paper, chemical, automotive, military and general engineering, regardless of your application or industry, we are able to meet all of your ducting and extraction requirements.

If you need more information about any specific ducting requirements please contact our industrial team for more information.

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